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Landscaping covers a broad spectrum of elements that all need to be considered when planning a new yard or a renovation of an existing property. Please overlook these subtopics so if you are planning an upcoming project these important elements will not be forgotten.

Custom Landscaping & Outdoor Living Areas

From swimming pools and outdoor fireplaces to complete outdoor living rooms, outdoor living is highly sought after in the DFW metroplex. Cantera Outdoors will work with your natural setting to design the best solution that accomplishes your outdoor living goals. There are endless possibilities for outdoor living, such as pizza brick ovens, outdoor media centers, outdoor kitchens, swim-up pool bars, and custom kids play areas. Browse through our work for ideas and inspiration!

Trees & Shrubs

Proper planning of materials is key to accelerated plant growth for both shrubs and trees as well as other ground covers. Ensure proper bed preparation is done prior to planting as this will truly make a huge difference as time goes on with plant and tree growth. Make sure you know what type of soil you have and what planting zone you are working in. Also take into consideration how big the plants or trees will be at maturity this will save you a lot of issues with maintenance in years to come. Also pick hearty plants that are easy to maintain to help with water conservation. There are a wide variety of beautiful flowering shrubs and trees that are heat and drought tolerant. Trees that are newly planted should be soaked with a slow drip from a garden hose but then allowed to completely dry out before the next watering. If you continuously water. the tree cannot dry out and you will kill the tree from lack of oxygen. Its as easy to kill a tree from over watering as it is from under watering.

Swimming Pools

A custom designed pool is a great way to cool off from the Texas sun. You may want to create a lagoon style pool with tropical look to feel as though you are somewhere else when you walk into your backyard. Or a formal straight line pool with an impressive modern fountain that is timeless. A pool can be designed to fit into a natural setting to appear that it is part of the native landscape that surrounds it. Allow us to impress you with an innovative design that is a one of a kind that you will be happy with for years to come. Check out our gallery to give you an idea of what can be done at your home.

Outdoor Living Rooms & Kitchens

Add a fully enclosed overhead structure and you can create an outdoor entertaining room that will feel as though you are inside but able to enjoy the great outdoors with friends. From a fireplace to an outdoor kitchen complete with a custom pizza brick oven. There are endless possibilities with outdoor living allow us to take the things that are important to you and custom design a great outdoor space that you and your family will enjoy for years to come.

Fireplaces & Fire Pits

There is nothing quite like the feel and smell of a great woodburning firplace to gather around and have great conversation with friends and families. Make your yard the one the kids want to come over and hang out at on a cool fall or winter night. Whether it’s a simple firepit to have a fire going to put small branches that may have fallen in your yard or a formal fireplace with a great hearth to gather around this part of outdoor living is a great way to relax and unwind after a hard week at the office. Bring on the smores!

Hardscapes & Outdoor Lighting Solutions

Accenting planting materials with hardscaping adds depth and interest to landscapes, From a simple moss boulder, to a winding dry creekbed by implementing this in your design you can get a lot of impact and interest. A creative pot with interesting annual and perennial color adds bright vibrant impact color and you will not need to add as many in your bedding areas . Also water features can be used to draw the eye to a specific area from a simple pot bubbling over to a full waterfall think of usung these to add a soothing sound that echoes throughout your landscape. Also check out our outdoor living section to see what other hardscapes can be added to enhance your home.

Do not forget this important element, it adds such beauty to your trees and pathways. Also structural lighting adds distinct visual impact to your home or stonework. Enjoy the outdoors at night with a custom lighting design whether it is a simple low voltage system or a line voltage system with creative moonlighting shot from the tops of your mature trees. Remember this element at the beginning of your project so piping can be ran at the same time you are trenching for your irrigation system this will keep you from having to dig trenches through new grass or planting beds. LED lighting is up and coming and will be a great way to conserve energy and still be able to light up the night!

Irrigation & Drainage Solutions

This portion of your outdoor project should be thought of at the beginning along with site work and grading. Proper drainage is key to ensure your home is safe during torrential down pours and there is no chance of having standing water in your yard. Irrigation should be specifically tailored to the needs of your turf or beds as well as pots. If a design is planned properly you will have ample coverage and enough zones to accommodate specific areas, for instance by zoning your system to have a shady area separate from full sun areas. You should also remember to have sleeves(underground piping) installed under any concrete or stonework so you are able to irrigate small bedding areas or pots that you couldn’t get to after concrete is poured. This will save time and money because boring pipes is an expensive undertaking if they are needed after the fact.

Potted Plants & Landscape Maintenance

Pots are an EXCELLENT way to accent your space. They work great in small areas for big punches of color and lots of impact with an anchor plant and trailing vines. Pots should be thought about at the beginning of a project at which time proper drainage and irrigation sleeves can be installed to ensure you will have zero maintenance and not have to worry about hand watering them. Also hanging baskets can be used from an overhead structure or mature trees to add visual impact of color at a distant destination. Pots can also be illuminated so they can be enjoyed throughout the evening.

Cantera GC Also Provides:

  • Weed Control
  • Lawn Mowing
  • Fertilizing
  • Leaf Collection
  • Tree and Shrub Maintenance
  • Lawn Maintenance
  • Garden Maintenance

Sustainable Landscaping Features

Artificial grass installation is a sustainable and beautiful option to save water and cut down on maintenance.

Putting greens are a great destination for a group to enter into some competitive fun. For the avid golfer who wants to work on his short game with a custom sandtrap with enough rough to chip off of. They can be custom designed to fit in a small space or big enough to hit a 100yard shot into. Our greens play like a true hole with custom padding installed so the ball sets onto the green as it would on a true course. Take a look at how great these can look in your backyard and let us put the 19th hole at your home.